Biological Cleaners

CEBE® BioLine products contain microorganisms that are found in nature and have not been genetically altered.

These microorganisms, especially Bacillus Subtilis (see illustration on this page), can be found in normal soil. It is of the procaryotic type meaning that it has a single cell structure and cannot influence its environment. It has to be extremely flexible when it comes to feeding in order to survive. This type of microorganism can be found in many places in our biosphere and its uses are manyfold.
In addition, Bacillus Subtilis has a very rapid growth rate, which is another advantage. Its rate of reproduction is on the order of 20 minutes, that is every cell splits in half, forming two single cells, every 20 minutes!

Bacillus Subtilis survives and reproduces by feeding and digesting food. This process is in the form of natural, biological degradation during which the food is converted to energy, carbon dioxide and water.
The Life-cycle of the Microorganisms in CEBE® BioLine Products proceeds in the following manner: The microorganisms contained in the product are in their spore form. While in this form, they are completely inactive. As soon as the product is applied and the microorganisms come in contact with soil and other dirt that is organic in nature they become active. They change from their spore form into their normal form. The nourishment, that is the organic soil and dirt, is digested and turned into energy and byproducts like carbon dioxide and water. The energy is needed for the microorganisms to survive and reproduce. The population of microorgansims grows rapidly due to the cell division process and thus the digestive process, that is the removal of dirt, is accelerated. This cycle, the intake of food, digestion, and reproduction, repeats itself until there is no more organic soil/dirt, that is nourishment, left for the microorganisms. When this occurs, the microorganisms die and remain behind as fine dust.
All of these properties contribute to the fact that Bacillus Subtilis is ideal for the use in biological research and biochemical processing. Examples are the manufacture of biological catalysts, accelerated composting in agriculture, and in our BioLine products with their many potential uses in carpet cleaning, odour neutralization, stain removal, water and waste water treatment and many more.

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