Carpet Cleaning

Machines and Accessories for Carpet Cleaning

PilelifterThe Pilelifter is the first two-motor horizontal pile brush and thousands of users say that a cleaning is only complete if the  Pilelifter has been used.  The one essential tool for carpet care, the Pilelifter removes deeply embedded dirt, while caring for the nap, removing traffic lanes and extending the lifetime of the carpet.
Technical Information:Weight: 30.4 kgBrush motor: 375 Watt, 60 Hz, 230 VBrush width: 38.10 cmBrush diameter: 10.16 cm2 brushes of choice: Natural or NylonVacuum motor: 375 Watt,  220 V / 50-60 HzCable length: 15 m
Packaging: Piece Art. 60000Benovac KR Extraction MachinesThe new extraction machines from CEBE®, the BENOVAC KR series, set a new standard in high-performance extraction machines for the professional carpet and upholstery cleaner. The housing is made of robust polyform mould, the wheels have a large diameter in the back for easy stair climbing and are free rotating in the front for easy maneuverability.

ModelBenovac KR1000Art. 212000Benovac KR2000Art. 214000
L x W x H (mm)711x450x1016 711x450x1016
Weight47 kg 59 kg
Solution Tank41 liter 41 liter
Waste Water Tank38 liter38 liter
Pump240 Volt, 6.8 Bar0.5 A, 120 W240 Volt, 20.68 Bar1.0 A, 240 W
Vacuum2-or 3-stage2-stage3-stage
Water lift (closed) 2337 mm3454 mm
Power240 Volt, 8.18 A,1964 W1. 240V, 5.6A, 1344W2. 240V, 4.6A, 1104W
Power cable7.6 m2 x 7.6 m
Decibel< 70 dB (A) < 70 dB (A)

2-Jet Floor Tool
This floor tool is composed of stainless steel and is suited for all extraction machines. The working height of the grip is adjustable.
Working width: 30 cmWeight: 2.3 kg
Packaging: Piece Art. 203500

Hand Tool StandardThe standard model made of stainless steel for carpet and upholstery cleaning now more handy, flatter, and ergonomical.
Working width: 9 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. 833000

Hand Tool Plastic
An allround hand tool with a transparent head. Make sure the surface is clean. May be used with all extraction machines.
Working width: 10 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. 260000

Hand Tool Auto
Specially shaped for detailing in cars. Taking the seats out is not necessary.
Packaging: Piece Art. 83500

Daisy Maid 14
The DAISY MAID is ideal for cleaning small to midsized areas. It has an easy to remove vacuum tank and is well suited for upholstery cleaning.
Technical Information:Vacuum motor: 1 turbine, 2-stagePump:  5 barVacuum: 220 mbarH x W x L: 50×37.5×54 cmWeight: 12.7 KgCable length: 10 mHose length (Pressure and vacuum): 2.2 mPower (total): 1040 WTank capacity:  14 liters each

Packaging: Piece Art. 343000

Daisy Maid Floor Tool
This floor tool is especially made for the Daisy Maid. It is light and easy to use. One jet.
Working width: 20 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. 274500

Daisy Maid Hand Tool
Easy to handle hand tool. Pressure and vacuum hose are combined in one.
Working width: 8 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. 84500

Single Disc Machine Single 43The Single 43 is easy to handle, robust and very versatile in its uses.

Technical Information:Working diameter: 43 cmPower: 1000 WRPM: 154Weight: 42 kgCable length: 12 m
Packaging: Piece Art. 60600

Shampoo Tank
Packaging: Piece,      Art. 60800

Shampoo Brush
Packaging: Piece,      Art. 61800

Pad Holder
Packaging: Piece,      Art. 63000

Bonnet Pad
Packaging: Piece, Art. 65000

Microfiber Pad
Packaging: Piece,      Art. 65200

OrbiterThis machine has no torque and is easy to use and handle. The simultaneous oscillating and rotational motion makes the cleaning process on the carpet even more thorough and deep-reaching. The Orbiter has a completely free handle preventing any bending motions from the user. The Orbiter cleans all carpets and hard surfaces. The extensive accessories available allows bonnet pad cleaning and shampooing of carpets as well as scrubbing and polishing hard floors. The Orbiter is easy to handle and ideal for stain removal and cleaning small areas.
Technical Information:Voltage:  220 V / 60HzRPM approx.: 120 effectiveWorking width:  28 cmWeight:   13.5 KgCable length: 10 m
Packaging: Piece Art. 351000

Packaging: Piece, Art. 351100

Accessories for the Orbiter
Shampoo BrushPackaging: Piece, Art. 358000
Scrubbing BrushPackaging: Piece, Art. 359000

Pad HolderPackaging: Piece, Art. 354000

Bonnet PadPackaging: Piece, Art. 352000

Black Pad
Packaging: Piece, Art. 357000

White PadPackaging: Piece, Art. 355000

This machine has no torque and is easy to use and handle. The simultaneous oscillating and rotational motion makes the cleaning process on the carpet even more thorough and deep-reaching. The Vibratex has a completely free handle preventing any bending motions from the user. 
The Vibratex weighs approximately 39 kg and is made of armored 3/8 inch stainless steel which does not break, even under most extreme circumstances. The 20 m long cable has a turnable holding clamp, permitting rapidunravelling.
Diameter: 43 cmVoltage: 220/240 VRPM: approx. 120Weight: 39 kgCable length: 10 m
Packaging: Piece Art. 41100

6 Liter Pump Sprayer
A hand-held pump sprayer made of resistant plastic. Including a filling sieve, pressure indicator on the handle and an escape valve. The spray lance is easy to handle. Suited for all of our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.
Packaging: Piece Art. 39500

Hand Sprayer
This hand sprayer may also be used on its head! A hand sprayer made of durable material for spraying all our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.
Packaging: Piece Art. 57000

Furniture Protectors
Rust stains and stains caused by furniture polish are avoided when these protectors are used in a consequent manner after every cleaning job. Simply place them underneath each object:
Light objects – plastic, Heavy objects – styrofoam
We recommend the use of these furniture protectors after every cleaning job to avoid irreperable damage to furniture and carpeting.Packaging: Plastic – Piece Art. 58000Packaging: Styrofoam – Piece Art. 59000

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