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Hard Floors – Corrective Cleaners

Double PowerHighly concentrated corrective cleaner for all alkaline resistant floors.
This product is an odourless, concentrated, highly alkaline corrective cleaner for all floor types except wood, rubber, and linoleum. Its high alkalinity ensures that even the toughest coatings and dirt are removed effectively.
Contents: <5% NTA, <5% nonionic surfactants, sodium hydroxide, silicate, glycol, and water.
pH:Concentrate: 12.5 – 13.5 Ready-to-use-solution:11.5 – 13.5
Dilution: Dilute 1:1 to 1:20 with water and apply.
Packaging: Box of 4 x 5L Art. 541005
Application methods:

LinocleanOdourless corrective cleaning concentrate for linoleum, wood, parquet, and other floor types.
This product is odourless, concentrated and especially designed for use on alkali-sensitive floors such as linoleum, rubber, and wood.
Contents: <5% NTA, <5% phosphates, <5% nonionic surfactants, solven

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