Crime Scene Cleanup

CS Box

So you know what and with what on site: 8 of our proven products for cleaning and odor neutralization in a handy case. PLUS: our powerful UV-Lamp and the special goggles to find contaminations more effectively.

Contents:BioFresh: for organic stains on carpet, upholstery, and textiles.

BioGreen: for cleaning carpets and upholstery.

DF19: hygienic surface cleaner.

DriOx: for odor neutralization in porous materials.

Kill Odor® OX: for hygienic surface cleaning and odor neutralization.

LemonOx: Sanitary cleaner with triple action.OrangeOx: All-purpose cleaner with broad working spectrum.

Wet Fog Mint: odor neutralization of porous, absorbant surfaces.

UV-Lamp: for the quick detection of contaminations.

Special goggles: makes the detection of contaminations with the UV-lamp even more effective.

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