Facade Cleaning

Machines and Accessories for Fire Damage Restoration

Benovac FEThe new CEBE® BENOVAC FE, with auto feed function as well as automatic discharge makes it ideal for use in water damage restoration, hard floor, and façade cleaning. The hard floor tool as well as the wall tool make it possible to clean with up to 80 bars of pressure while at the same time removing the cleaning solution – from vertical surfaces too. This enables the user to clean façades with a minimum of waste water and makes the construction of water capturing devices unnecessary. Both automatic feed and discharge enable one to clean large surface areas without the tedious carrying of water and waste water.
Technical DataDimensions: 71,1cm x 45 cm x 96,5 cmWeight: 67 KgVacuum: 2 x 2-stage (each 1020 W)Pump: adjustable up to 80 Bar (1476 W)Power (Circuit 1): 2124 WPower (Circuit 2): 1956 WWater Lift (closed): 3454 mmAutomatic Water Supply: at least  5/8” connectionAutomatic Discharge: up to 94.6 litres per minute (600 W)Waste water tank: 56.7 litresNoise level: < 68 db(A)

Packaging: Piece Art. 230000

Floor Tool for Benovac FE
The Floor Tool and the Wall Tool both work based on the same principle: water is pushed through two jets which are angled  with high pressure. This creates a rotational movement which add centrifugal mechanical action to the water pressure. This not only leads to more surface area being cleaned but the cleaning process also being more intensive. This strong mechanical action allows many surfaces to be cleaned with water alone. Whether fine stone ware or natural stone floors – even the grout is cleaned deeply without damaging it – the advantage of the rotational action.
Diameter: 32 cmDistance between the two jets: 25 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. 231000

Wall Tool for Benovac FE
The wall tool is equipped with a rubber lip that makes it possible to clean vertical surfaces, rinse them and vacuum the wastewater without having to use a seperate recovery construction.
Diameter: 22 cmDistance between jets: 15 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. 232000

Hxdroxyl Generators
TITAN 1000
Technical Information
Voltage:    220 Volts, 50/60 HzPower:   220 WattAir movement:   2.70 m3/min.Max. treatment volume:  270 m3Dimensions (H x W x D):  15 x 22,5 x 30 cmWeight:   3.6 KgFilter:    10 x 10 cm
Packaging: Piece Art. Nr. 157000

TITAN 4000
Technical Information
Voltage:    220 Volt, 50/60 HzPower:   880 WattAir movement:  135 m3/min.Max. treatment volume:  1,080 m3Dimensions (H x W x D):  66 x 66 x 30 cmWeight:    17.3 KgFilter (electrostatic):  50 x 50 x 1,25 cm, 82% efficiency
Packaging: Art. Nr. 155000

Hydroxyl Maximizer
The hydroxyl generator technology requires water above all in order to generate hydroxyl radicals. This means that the higher the relative humidity the greater the amount of hydroxyl radicals generated. In order to support this process, especially in situations where relative humidity is low, we have the Hydroxyl Maximizer. It uses ultrasound technology to create a very fine, cold, water vapor. The Hydroxyl Maximizer is placed directly behind the TITAN 4000. This increases the influx of humidity and therefore the amount of hydroxyl radicals generated. The Hydroxyl Maximizer is included with the Titan 4000.

Ozone Generators – CEBEzon
Odour neutralization/control with ozone.
Ozone is used for the oxidative odour neutralization of organic compounds. We offer four sizes:
Art. 122000: CEBEzon 100 – 0.1 g Ozone/hr Art. 123000: CEBEzon 500 – 0.5 g Ozone/hr  Art. 124000: CEBEzon 3000 – 3.0 g Ozone/hr      Art. 124500: CEBEzon 6000 – 6.0 g Ozone/hr    
The size of the generator to be used is dependent on room size, odour intensity, and the type of odour to be neutralized. 

Ozone Generators – Sonozaire®
Odour neutralization/control with ozone.
Ozone is used for the oxidative odour neutralization of organic compounds. We offer three sizes:
Art. 115000: 115 A – 2.0 g Ozone/hrArt. 125000: 330 A – 5.0 g Ozone/hr    Art. 129000: 630 A – 10.0 g Ozone/hr The size of the generator to be used is dependent on room size, odour intensity, and the type of odour to be neutralized. 

Turbo Dryer
The Turbo Dryer is an irreplaceable tool for the carpet and upholstery cleaner. Fast drying prevents browning and bleeding of colours.
Technical Information:Motor: 4.7 amp, 3 stagesAir flow max.: 3,180 m3/hour Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 HzDimensions: 46 x 41 x 46 cmWeight: 12.5 kg
Packaging: Piece Art. 47012

Adapter for Turbo Dryer
To have the ability to give the air flow up to 3 directions.

Packaging: Piece Art. 47500

Electric Fan
Supportive air movement during ozone treatment or drying. An ideal supplement when uncomplicated movement of air is required. A highly effective but silent electric fan which accelerates odour neutralization with ozone but also the drying process with rugs, for example. This fan may be tilted between a 90 and 180° position.
Air Flow: 170 m3/min.Speed: 1.350 RPMDiameter: 50 cmVoltage: 230 V Power: 180 WDimensions: 58 x 22 x 63 cmCable Length: 5 mWeight: 7 kg
Packaging: Piece Art. 47400

Fogger, Hot/Dry TM-1500B
Thermal fogging of suitable liquids. An electrically powered thermal fogger. It operates virtually noiselessly, is very powerful and may be activated by remote control. It is easy to handle and easy to maintain. For cleaning the machine we recommend our product Thermo Clean.
Voltage: 220-250V AC, 50/60 HzPower: 2000 WattTank volume: 2.5 litresFog reach: 15 mOutput: 300 m3/min.Particle Size: 0,5 – 25 µmWeight: 15 Kg
Packaging: Piece Art. 133500

Fogger, Cold/Wet
Mechanical fogging of suitable liquids. For fogging water- and oil-based products. May use up to 36 litres of liquid per hour.

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