On the 1. August 1954 Walter Reimers, businessman,purchased the company Dr. Benöhr & Co. in Hamburg-Altona after having been a successful manager for an american company for 32 years. Renamed as “Walter Reimers Chemische Fabrik” the proven manufacturing programme of all types of liquid and solid waxes as well as shoe creme and polish was continued under the registered trademark BENOSIN. Indeed, it was expanded to encompass drilling oils, cable and wire grease, as well as dust binding oil.
Rapidly growing turnover permitted heavy investment into manufacturing machines and product development. In the year 1964 a larger production site in the Ruhrstrasse 47 was purchased – it brought with it an up to date and modern production facility.
As a result of an informative trip to the United States of America in 1966 resulting from the ISSA fair in that year the first contact with the U.S.A. was made. This resulted in the successful cooperation with “Chemspec Ltd. Baltimore”.

After a long illness Mr. Walter Reimers decided to leave the business in 1969. This was the point in time in which his son Aswin, who had been successfully active with a contract cleaning business since 1961, took over as the second generation of management. The company was changed in to its current legal form: Ltd. A licensing agreement with Chemspec Ltd. of Baltimore was made which contained the manufacture and distribution of chemical products in Europe as well as all services and new developments of all Chemspec as well as Benosin poroducts.
During this time a new method for cleaning carpets, steam cleaning, became public. In order to introduce this method in Germany it was decided to construct a vacuum extraction machine. The first such machine that was made in Germany and sold on the german market weighed 200 kg, was constructed of stainless steel, and cost 12,000 german marks. It was named BENOVAC and was the beginning of the advent of spray extraction cleaning in Germany. With the proven products from Chemspec, U.S.A. and these machines a new beginning in the sales of carpet cleaning machines and chemicals was made.
The developments in the following years showed that the decision from back then was the right one. Growing turnover and market share as well as the close tie to the practiccal side by means of the experiences of Aswin Reimers in the contract cleaning business were used to expand the programme. Soon the registered trademark CB, which later became CEBE, stood for a wide pallet of cleaning products for professional cleaners, as well as the machines and accessories to go with them, which were sold in Germany and Europe.
The oil crisis and the ever changing environmental boundary conditions led to a marked change in the environmental awareness in the 70s and 80s. This in turn led to further specialization of the product pallet. The Motto “Quality – Innovation – Service and Environment” was implemented.
The 90s brought further change with them which also influenced the cleaning products sector. The world has become smaller, but chances on the market have grown. For CEBE this meant an expansion in the customer base around the whole world, so that, for example, regular shipments to Israel, South Africa, and Singapore leave the Ruhrstrasse in Hamburg.
The rapid technical developement was met head on by establishing a presence in the internet in 1999: www.cebechem.com.

Customer awareness has also changed: more and more value is placed in the health conscious approach to cleaning. The demand for ever new, special products and cleaning systems was met by CEBE through the development of new concepts for a better health, hygiene and cleaner enmvironment. Product development, which was challenged the most by these developments, was marked decidedly thorough the joining of the third generation of owners in the 90s: Dr. Jan Michael Reimers, who had studied at renown universities in the U.S.A. and Canada, receiving a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, joined the company and took over sole management on 1 January 2000.
This transition ensured a smooth continuation of the business that had been going for decades. The challenges of the just beginning millenium had to be met: not only the terrible events on 9/11/2001 but also the introduction of the Euro as well as the crisis of 2008 in Germany, to name but a few. But by orienting itself as to the requirements and demands of its customers, the company is facing these challenges head-on. Innovations such as the quality seal “ProIAQ” or the latest new developments in the sector of damage restor

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