Spotting Kit

Stain Removal – The Spotting Kit

Spotting KitThis kit recognizes the latest stain removal techniques of the American Carpet and Rug Institute. The chemicals and accessories are contained in an attractive, well organized, easy to handle and carry case. The Spotting Kit contains 10 base chemicals and the necessary tools to help solve any stain problem. Instructions to get you started are contained on the inside of the top.

Contents of the Spotting Kit:• Neutral Detergent • Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover• Volatile Solvent • Acetic Acid 5%• Ammonia Solution 7% • Enzyme Concentrate• Reducing Agent • Chewing Gum Remover• Rust Stain Remover • Wet Solvent• Plastic spatula • Absorbing paper• pH-paper • Spotting Brush• Scissors • Plastic sheets to protect from moisture• 100 g bottle for rinse water • Measuring spoon and funnel • 100 g bottle (for preparing Reducing Agent solution)• 100 g bottle (for preparing Enzyme Concentrate solution)

Packaging: Piece Art. 54001

Spotting Kit: Refills for the Base Chemicals  

Ammonia Solution 7% 
Art. 541  5 Liter Canister
Enzyme ConcentrateArt. 545  1 Kg CanAcetic Acid 5%Art. 547 5 Liter CanisterPaint, Oil, and Grease RemoverArt. 542 5 Liter
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